• Regardless residence status, only one who has Asian nationality is eligible to apply for the program.

  • In accordance with related Korean laws and regulations, one who matches any following case would be defined as an overseas Korean.

    1) One who obtains or tries to obtain the right of permanent residence in the other country and currently holds Korean nationality.
    2) One who currently obtains the other nationality and had held Korean nationality before.
    3) One who currently obtains the other nationality and any side of one's parent or grandparent had held Korean nationality before.

  • Anyone who is above 18 on the beginning date of the program can apply.

  • Explain your career via email (bafa@biff.kr) so that the selection board can consider. We will give you a response to your inquiry.

  • Please report your case to the team (bafa@biff.kr). We are going to figure out the problems or send you the application form directly by email.

  • Specify at the blank of Applicant's Credit in Portfolio section on the application form. We may request more information if needed.

  • Send your synopsis and script in English by email (bafa@biff.kr).

  • Total running time required is under 40 minutes.
    * In case of a film over 40 min in length, please make it a 15 min-clip for submission

  • No, we do not have any particular form for recommendation letter as long as the letter contains writer's signature and contact information.

  • "To CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy" would be good.

  • Scanned letter including the recommender’s signature is possible.

  • We would prefer a typed letter because of legibility but handwritten letter is also acceptable.

  • We keep the entire application package for 1 year and then discard them. You need to newly apply.

  • Online application is only available.

  • All the materials submitted for application will not be returned.

  • We don't take any kind of tuition. Once you are selected as a fellow, the cost for air ticket between your departure city within Asia and Busan, accommodation, meals, and equipment will be provided.

  • If you are selected, you must complete the whole program from September 22 to October 11, 2024. If you are unable to attend the entire program for any reason, your admission will be automatically withdrawn. In addition, we request you to submit a short film script in English and to participate actively in the online pre-production phase before you arrive in Busan.

  • An official letter that indicates your attendance in the program will be sent to you upon your request.

  • It has an intensive schedule during the program and participants will have limited free time.

  • A certificate will be issued to those who have attended the program completely.

  • The selection board carefully screens applicants' documents and portfolios and has selection meetings twice during two months of selection process. Between two selection meetings, online interview can be requested for some applicants. Talent and passion for film and a minimum ability to communicate in English will be considered for selection.

  • Definitely not.

  • We will inform the result individually by email at the end of June and officially announce the final selection on our website (bafa.biff.kr) in early July.