Short Film Production

Fellows will make two short films during the program. Among twenty short film scripts submitted by the fellows, two are selected to be produced and screened at the Busan International Film Festival 2023. Divided into two teams, the fellows in each team go through a collaborative filmmaking process from script development to the post-production with the support of mentors, instructors, and professional crew.

Workshop & Mentoring

CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy invites experts from various filmmaking fields such as producing, directing, cinematography, production design, editing, and sound design to hold workshops for the fellows. These exclusive workshops offer the opportunities for the fellows to gain in-depth knowledge in filmmaking as well as to experience hands-on training guided by the filmmaking experts.
Moreover, the fellows will have a private mentoring session with the established filmmakers. During the session, the fellows will discuss their current projects and learn the cinematic vision and philosophy of life from the mentors.

Faculty Film Screening

During the sessions, the fellows will appreciate and discuss the films made by their mentors. It is a great opportunity for the fellows to discover the insightful perspective with Asian cinema leading faculty members.

MPA-BAFA Film Workshop: Bridge to Hollywood Collaborating with Motion Picture Association (MPA), it is a pitching workshop, ‘Bridge to Hollywood’. The workshop is comprised of Special Lecture, Pitching Competition, and Mentoring by a Hollywood producer. Through the workshop, the fellows learn the practical pitching skills.
Moreover, two fellows who are selected as winners of the Pitching Competition, have opportunities to participate in film events in the US and Australia.

※ The MPA is an organization established to aspire the art of filmmaking and to promote the film industry, representing the interests of the six major producers and distributors of the US film industry. Their priority business is to safeguard the intellectual property rights and to promote global expansion of film business and international exchange. Headquartered in the US, they have worldwide operations in the Asia Pacific and Europe.

CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy Network

CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy Network event allows for the current fellows to meet with the BIFF Asian Film Academy (BAFA) alumni who are participating in the Busan International Film Festival 2023. This opportunity will help forge new relationships to build up on the established network of BAFA alumni and will become a stepping stone for this year's fellows to collaborate on various projects in the future.

Graduation Ceremony & Short Film Screening

Finalizing the 20 days of the program, the final works of the fellows will be screened at the Graduation Ceremony. The two completed films will show the fellows' passion for and the hard work put into the making of these short films with the support of renowned filmmaking masters and competent experts. Various awards including CHANEL X BAFA Promising Filmmaker Award are to be presented to the fellows. It will be a time to confirm the potentials for building networks of Asian filmmakers and to enjoy the fruits of collaboration, transcending language barriers and cultural differences.